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Field Pea variety trial results now available at

10-23-17: iGrow Radio spotlights field pea variety trial results. [2017-10-23.mp3]

Tips for food safety with home-grown garden produce

10-20-17: iGrow Radio spotlights food safety for home grown produce. [2017-10-20.mp3]

Tips for chute-side vaccine management

10-19-17: iGrow Radio spotlights chute side vaccine management. [2017-10-19.mp3]

SDSU Extension to host Ag Lender seminars at 3 SD locations

10-18-17: iGrow Radio spotlights next weeks SDSU Extension Ag Lender's Conference. [2017-10-18.mp3]

Tips for winning the calf starting race

10-17-17: iGrow Radio spotlights winning the calf starting race. [2017-10-17.mp3]

Soybean harvest kicks into high gear across SD

10-16-17: iGrow Radio spotlights harvest progress with soybeans. [2017-10-16.mp3]

Consistency of winter feed helpful in preventing equine stomach ulcers

10-13-17: iGrow Radio spotlights stomach ulcers potential when wintering horses. [2017-10-13.mp3]

2017 spring wheat variety trial results now available

10-12-17: iGrow Radio spotlights results from this year's spring wheat variety trials. [2017-10-12.mp3]

Warmer conditions expected now that first freeze has arrived

10-11-17: iGrow Radio talks Ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2017-10-11.mp3]

Tips for grazing into the fall & winter months

10-10-17: iGrow Radio spotlights grazing into the shoulder season. [2017-10-10.mp3]

Tax implications on drought induced livestock sales

10-09-17: iGrow Radio spotlights tax consequences from drought induced livestock sales. [2017-10-09.mp3]

No negative impact from early weaning on replacements

10-06-17: iGrow Radio looks at early weaning's impact on replacement heifers. [2017-10-06.mp3]

Employee documentation requirements in agriculture

10-05-17: iGrow Radio spotlights documentation requirements for agricultural workers. [2017-10-05.mp3]

Factors impacting cash cropland rents in 2017

10-04-17: iGrow Radio spotlights cash rental rates for cropland in 2017. [2017-10-04.mp3]

Fall harvest may be hindered by October moisture

10-03-17: iGrow Radio spotlights talks ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2017-10-03.mp3]

Marketing alternatives for open cows

10-02-17: iGrow Radio spotlights marketing options for open cows. [2017-10-02.mp3]

Tips for respiratory health in newly weaned calves

09-29-17: iGrow Radio spotlights respiratory health in weaned calves. [2017-09-29.mp3]

Grassland management workshops slated for October

09-28-17: iGrow Radio spotlights grassland management. [2017-09-28.mp3]

Extension resources can aid in transition planning in ag

09-27-16: iGrow Radio spotlights transition planning in agriculture. [2017-09-27.mp3]

October ag weather outlook hints to drier harvest window

09-26-17: iGrow Radio spotlights talks ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2017-09-26.mp3]