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Tips for managing/marketing cull cows

10-17-18: iGrow Radio spotlights marketing of cull cows. [2018-10-17.mp3]

Harvest weather finally comes to SD

10-16-18: iGrow Radio talks Ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2018-10-16.mp3]

Food safety testing underway with SDSU ag lab

10-15-18: iGrow Radio spotlights food safety testing in South Dakota. [2018-10-15.mp3]

Fall herbicide sprays can control next year’s kochia/marestail

10-12-18: iGrow Radio spotlights fall herbicide applications for next years kochia. [2018-10-12.mp3]

Early pregnancy checks allows for timely decisions

10-11-18: iGrow Radio spotlights pregnancy testing in the cowherd. [2018-10-11.mp3]

SD Study looks at soil resilience & crop insurance

10-10-18: iGrow Radio spotlights a South Dakota study on soil health and crop insurance. [2018-10-10.mp3]

Fall invading insects not harmful, just bothersome

10-09-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the home invasion of fall insects. [2018-10-09.mp3]

SDSU Extension to host 2018 SD Ag Lenders events

10-08-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the 2018 South Dakota Ag Lenders Conference. [2018-10-08.mp3]

Tips for forage corn harvest when it’s too dry for silag

10-05-18: iGrow Radio looks at late harvest options for corn silage. [2018-10-05.mp3]

2018 rental rates for pasture stay steady

10-04-18: iGrow Radio spotlights average pasture rental rates across South Dakota. [2018-10-04.mp3]

October harvest weather brings cool, damp forecast to SD

10-02-18: iGrow Radio talks Ag weather. [2018-10-02.mp3]

Benchmarks can aid in cowherd management decisions

10-03-18: iGrow Radio offers tips on using bench marks for cow herd improvements. [2018-10-03.mp3]

Tips for roadway safety during busy harvest season

10-01-18: iGrow Radio spotlights roadway safety during harvest season. [2018-10-01.mp3]

Tips for managing grain in alternative storage options

09-28-18: iGrow Radio offers tips on alternatives on grain storage options. [2018-09-28.mp3]

The pros & cons of marketing choices for fall crops

09-27-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the trade war impact on agriculture. [2018-09-27.mp3]

Weaning tips for management of calf behavior & nutrition

09-26-18: iGrow Radio spotlights weaning. [2018-09-26.mp3]

Cool start to October expected with rainfall outlook mixed

09-25-18: iGrow Radio spotlights Ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2018-09-25.mp3]

Tips for harvest & storage moisture on soybeans

09-24-18: iGrow Radio spotlights soybean harvest and storage. [2018-09-24.mp3]

Testing hay for nutrient quality aids in feed efficiency

09-21-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the value of testing hay quality. [2018-09-21.mp3]

Biosecurity tips in a world with foreign animal diseases

09-20-18: iGrow Radio looks to biosecurity in the swine industry. [2018-09-20.mp3]