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SDSU Extension applauds 20 years of SD Grasslands Coalition

12-14-18: iGrow Radio celebrates 20 years of the South Dakota's Grasslands Coalition. [2018-12-14.mp3]

Recap of wheat disease issues in 2018

12-13-18: iGrow Radio reviews disease pressure in 2018's wheat crop. [2018-12-13.mp3]

Winter management of grain bins can be critical

12-12-18: iGrow Radio spotlights grain bin management over the winter. [2018-12-12.mp3]

iGrow website reveals non GMO soybean yields

12-11-18: iGrow Radio spotlights non-GMO soybean trials. [2018-12-11.mp3]

No yield drag from cover crops before cash crops

12-10-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the yield impact of cover crops. [2018-12-10.mp3]

Weed control tips for non GMO soybean fields

12-07-18: iGrow Radio spotlights offers tips on weed control on non-GMO soybeans. [2018-12-07.mp3]

SDSU ADDL aids in diagnosing livestock diseases

12-06-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the diagnosis of respiratory diseases in pigs. [2018-12-06.mp3]

Tips for maintaining dairy calf gut health in winter

12-05-18: iGrow Radio spotlights talks dairy calf gut health in winter. [2018-12-05.mp3]

Nearby weather to remain cold; but warming expected

12-04-18: iGrow Radio talks Ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2018-12-04.mp3]

Preparing for a successful sheep breeding season

12-03-18: iGrow Radio spotlights breeding season for sheep. [2018-12-03.mp3]

National Climate Assessment impact on northern plains

11-30-18: iGrow Radio spotlights potential climate change for the northern plains. [2018-11-30.mp3]

Genomic testing is topic at Heifer Development event

11-29-18: iGrow Radio talks genomic selection of replacement heifers. [2018-11-29.mp3]

Rural economies find growth with livestock development

11-28-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the economic value of livestock development. [2018-11-28.mp3]

Tips for safeguarding respiratory health in dairy calves

11-27-18: iGrow Radio spotlights offers tips on respiratory health in the dairy barn. [2018-11-27.mp3]

New SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist is Grady Ruble

11-13-19: iGrow Radio introduces the new cow/calf field specialist for SDSU Extension in Watertown. [2018-11-13.mp3]

Crop budgeting tools available from SDSU Extension

11-26-18: iGrow Radio spotlights crop budgeting tools from SDSU Extension. [2018-11-26.mp3]

Increasing energy needs go along with cold weather mgmt

11-23-18: iGrow Radio spotlights livestock feed requirements in cold weather. [2018-11-23.mp3]

Managing Soils; Maximizing Profit event to be November 29

11-22-18: iGrow Radio spotlights managing soils, maximizing profit. [2018-11-22.mp3]

Managing Soils; Maximizing Profit event to be November 29

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2018 Corn Hybrid trial results show tremendous yields

11-21-18: iGrow Radio reports results from this years corn hybrid trials across South Dakota. [2018-11-21.mp3]