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Women as AGvocates conference starts tomorrow

01-18-18: iGrow Radio spotlights a conference for women in Agriculture. [2018-01-18.mp3]

Wean to Finish pig systems offer advantages

01-17-18: iGrow Radio spotlights ween to finish pig systems. [2018-01-17.mp3]

Yield contest winners primarily use no-till farming systems

01-16-18: iGrow Radio spotlights big yields and tillage. [2018-01-16.mp3]

Tips for reducing calving difficulties

01-15-18: iGrow Radio spotlights management steps for reducing calving difficulties. [2018-01-15.mp3]

Tips for caring for cattle in cold winter conditions

01-11-18: iGrow Radio spotlights cold weather management tips for the cow herd. [2018-01-11.mp3]

Managing the Margin series dives into in-depth education

01-10-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the Managing the Margin Workshop Series. [2018-01-10.mp3]

Ag weather to remain mild with occasional winter systems

01-09-18: iGrow Radio spotlights spotlights Ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2018-01-09.mp3]

Private pesticide applicator training begins in SD

01-08-18: iGrow Radio spotlights private pesticide applicator training. [2018-01-08.mp3]

Tools available to aid in Livestock Lease arrangement

01-05-18: iGrow Radio spotlights extension resources for livestock lease arrangements. [2017-01-05.mp3]

Bangs vaccination recommendations for replacement heifers

01-04-18: iGrow Radio spotlights reviews requirements for Bangs vaccinations in replacement heifers. [2018-01-04.mp3]

Weed management tips for 2018 growing season

01-03-18: iGrow Radio spotlights weed management in 2018. [2018-01-03.mp3]

White mold tolerance part of management plan for 2018

01-02-18: iGrow Radio spotlights white mold management in soybeans. [2018-01-02.mp3]

SDSU Extension studies Nitrogen fertilizers on soybean

01-01-18: iGrow Radio reviews nitrogen research on soybeans. [2018-01-01.mp3]

SD study tracks conversions of native grasslands

12-29-17: iGrow Radio spotlights grassland conversions. [2017-12-29.mp3]

Wheat streak mosaic virus potential for 2018

12-28-17: iGrow Radio spotlights wheat streak mosaic virus. [2017-12-28.mp3]

Traditional grazing not only option for cowherd management

12-27-17: iGrow Radio spotlights alternatives to traditional grazing for the cow herd. [2017-12-27.mp3]

Soil health study seeking farmer cooperators

12-26-17: iGrow Radio spotlights a soil health study seeking cooperators. [2017-12-26.mp3]

Animal care webinars offer diverse look at livestock industry

12-22-17: iGrow Radio spotlights animal care webinars. [2017-12-22.mp3]

Livestock calculator tools available at iGrow

12-21-17: iGrow Radio spotlights decision tools for livestock. [2017-12-21.mp3]

Ensure meat safety & quality with a meat thermometer

12-20-17: iGrow Radio spotlights the calibration of meat thermometers. [2017-12-20.mp3]