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Testing hay for nutrient quality aids in feed efficiency

09-21-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the value of testing hay quality. [2018-09-21.mp3]

Biosecurity tips in a world with foreign animal diseases

09-20-18: iGrow Radio looks to biosecurity in the swine industry. [2018-09-20.mp3]

High nitrate levels found in SD summer forages

09-19-18: iGrow Radio reports on high nitrate forages. [2018-09-19.mp3]

Autumn-like climate hits area for the week

09-18-18: iGrow Radio talks Ag weather. [2018-09-18.mp3]

Sheep Industry has deep roots in SD Agriculture

09-17-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the sheep industry in South Dakota. [2018-09-17.mp3]

Corn ear molds may impact feed quality for swine

09-14-18: iGrow Radio spotlights corn ear rots and their impact on feed use. [2018-09-14.mp3]

Tips for making quality silage

09-13-18: iGrow Radio spotlights silage harvest for quality. [2018-09-13.mp3]

Warm autumn conditions speeding SD crops to maturity

09-12-18: iGrow Radio talks Ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2018-09-12.mp3]

USDA Mkt Facilitation program aids farmers in tariff times

09-11-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the market facilitation program. [2018-09-11.mp3]

Tips for controlling perennial weeds in autumn

09-10-18: iGrow Radio spotlights weed management in Autumn. [2018-09-10.mp3]

Bacterial leaf blight found in SD corn fields

09-07-18: iGrow Radio spotlights bacterial leaf streak in South Dakota corn fields. [2018-09-07.mp3]

Grasshopper feeding in soybeans may need control

09-06-18: iGrow Radio spotlights grasshopper feeding. [2018-09-06.mp3]

Winter wheat variety trial results aid in seed selection

09-05-18: iGrow Radio spotlights winter wheat variety results. [2018-09-05.mp3]

Mesonet weather network aids spray decisions this season

09-04-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the Ag weather network called Mesonet. [2018-09-04.mp3]

Wheat farmers should eliminate green bridge before planting

09-03-18: iGrow Radio spotlights wheat planting and the green bridge. [2018-09-03.mp3]

SDSU Extension to man agronomy booth at SD State Fair

08-31-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the Agronomy booth at the South Dakota State Fair. [2018-08-31.mp3]

Farmers asked to report gall midge damage in soybean fields

08-30-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the new soybean pest called the gall midge. [2018-08-30.mp3]

Ultrasound of 4-H Market Beef offers lessons at State Fair

08-29-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the value of ultrasound to 4-H Market Beef. [2018-08-29.mp3]

Above average temps to finish off August

08-28-18: iGrow Radio spotlights Ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2018-08-28.mp3]

Tips for harvesting quality & safe silage

08-27-18: iGrow Radio spotlights silage. [2018-08-27.mp3]