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Annie’s Project coming to Plankinton in April

03-22-18: iGrow Radio spotlights Annie's Project. [2018-03-22.mp3]

Soil health study seeking cooperating growers

03-21-18: iGrow Radio spotlights soil health. [2018-03-21.mp3]

Research trials confirm dicamba potential to move

03-20-18: iGrow Radio spotlights offers details on dicamba damage. [2018-03-20.mp3]

Sandhills calving system helps reduce calf scour outbreaks

03-19-18: iGrow Radio spotlights calf scours. [2018-03-19.mp3]

April climate outlooks calling for continued cool & wet

03-16-18: iGrow Radio spotlights talks ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2018-03-16.mp3]

I-29 Moo University Dairy Beef Tour March 27th

03-15-18: iGrow Radio spotlights dairy beef education. [2018-03-15.mp3]

Blood tests may diagnose colostrums issues in herd

03-14-18: iGrow Radio reports the value of serum protein blood tests in newborn calves. [2018-03-14.mp3]

Safety tips for preventing insecticide exposure

03-13-18: iGrow Radio spotlights safety tips when using insecticides. [2018-03-13.mp3]

SD Extension Heifer Development Webinar set to begin

03-12-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the 2018 Heifer Development Webinar. [2018-03-12.mp3]

Grassland management changing with the times

03-09-18: iGrow Radio spotlights evolution in grassland management. [2018-03-09.mp3]

SDSU Extension to present at Lemmon Farm & Home Show

03-08-18: iGrow Radio spotlights the Lemmon Farm and Home Show. [2018-03-08.mp3]

Estrus synchronization aids in tightening calving season

03-07-18: iGrow Radio looks at tools to shorten up the calving season. [2018-03-07.mp3]

Ag weather outlook looks warmer & drier for the week

03-06-18: iGrow Radio talks ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2018-03-06.mp3]

Early group soybeans offer rotational options

03-05-18: iGrow Radio spotlights short maturity soybeans. [2018-03-05.mp3]

Millenials say they rely on social media to steer food choices

03-02-18: iGrow Radio shares driving forces behind millennial food choices. [2018-03-02.mp3]

Moving forward with new dicamba rules

03-01-18: iGrow Radio spotlights dicamba damage research. [2018-03-01.mp3]

New tools available to manage pain in livestock

02-28-18: iGrow Radio spotlights new tools for managing pain in livestock. [2018-02-28.mp3]

Grain sorghum performance data available for study

02-27-18: iGrow Radio spotlights grain sorghum performance. [2018-02-27.mp3]

SD Local Foods Coalition gathers for strategic planning

02-26-18: iGrow Radio spotlights local foods in South Dakota. [2018-02-26.mp3]

Beef herd evaluation from start to finish

02-23-18: iGrow Radio spotlights beef herd productivity, from start to finish. [2018-02-23.mp3]