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Dairy beef short course precedes Central Plains Dairy Expo

02-24-17: iGrow Radio spotlights a Dairy Beef Short course. [2017-02-24.mp3]

Tips on feedbunk management

02-23-17: iGrow Radio offers tips on feedbunk management. [2017-02-23.mp3]

Spring crop insurance deadlines approaching

02-22-17: iGrow Radio spotlights crop insurance for spring. [2017-02-22.mp3]

Tax changes for farm & ranch annual reporting

02-21-17: iGrow Radio spotlights tax changes for farmers and ranchers. [2017-02-21.mp3]

Perceived benefits/barriers to cover crops

02-20-17: iGrow Radio spotlights the adoption of cover crops. [2017-02-20.mp3]

Bangs vaccinations still recommended for SD heifers

02-17-17: iGrow Radio spotlights Bangs requirements for replacement heifers. [2017-02-17.mp3]

Learn the benefits of USDA ARMS survey

02-16-17: iGrow Radio offers insight on USDA survey requests. [2017-02-16.mp3]

VFD resources available for youth livestock exhibitors

02-15-17: iGrow Radio spotlights VFD resources for young livestock exhibitors. [2017-02-15.mp3]

Spring thaw to last well into February

02-14-17: iGrow Radio talks Ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2017-02-14.mp3]

Precision Ag Conference moves to Huron

02-13-17: iGrow Radio spotlights the 18th Annual Precision Ag Conference. [2017-02-13.mp3]

Webinar spotlights building genetic base of the cowherd

02-10-17: iGrow Radio spotlights a new webinar on heifer development. [2017-02-10.mp3]

Biofilters help reduce odors from livestock barns

02-09-17: iGrow Radio spotlights odor reducing technologies for livestock barns. [2017-02-09.mp3]

Beef research results in value cut steak options

02-08-17: iGrow Radio spotlights value cuts of beef. [2017-02-08.mp3]

Biosecurity tips when purchasing breeding stock

02-07-17: iGrow Radio spotlights biosecurity when purchasing new breeding stock. [2017-02-07.mp3]

Livestock Quality Assurance programs created for youth exhibitors

02-06-17: iGrow Radio spotlights Livestock Quality Insurance for youth programs. [2017-02-06.mp3]

SDSU Basketball & SD Sheep is focus of Lamb Bonanza

02-03-17: iGrow Radio spotlights SDSU Basketball and South Dakota Lamb. [2017-02-03.mp3]

Benefits of houseplants during a long cold winter

02-02-17: iGrow Radio spotlights the benefits of houseplants during the long winter. [2017-02-02.mp3]

Dakota Lakes Research Farm annual meeting slated

02-01-17: iGrow Radio spotlights the Dakota Lakes Research Farm Annual Meeting. [2017-02-01.mp3]

Frozen feedlots can be tough on foot health of cattle

01-31-17: iGrow Radio spotlights foot health in feedlot cattle. [2017-01-31.mp3]

SE Experiment Farm to hold annual meeting Tuesday

01-30-17: iGrow Radio spotlights updates in Ag research. [2017-01-30.mp3]