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Tips on managing fly populations around livestock


Diseases in winter wheat increasing in certain SD fields

05-24-17: iGrow Radio spotlights diseases of winter wheat in South Dakota. [2017-05-24.mp3]

Week’s weather to remain cool and fairly dry

05-23-17: iGrow Radio spotlights Ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2017-05-23.mp3]

Beneficial dung beetles diminished with some insecticides

05-22-17: iGrow Radio looks at challenges to dung beetles. [2017-05-22.mp3]

Shorten calving season with estrus synchronization at breeding

05-19-17: iGrow Radio spotlights estrus synchronization in cows. [2017-05-19.mp3]

Tips on managing difficult people in the workplace

05-18-17: iGrow Radio spotlights people management in Agriculture. [2017-05-18.mp3]

Late calving cows reduce ranch profitability

05-17-17: iGrow Radio spotlights the true cost of late calving cows. [2017-05-17.mp3]

Rain changes look strong for this week’s weather

05-16-17: iGrow Radio talks Ag weather with State Climatologist Laura Edwards. [2017-05-16.mp3]

Tips on Managing Risk in Deferred Cattle Prices

05-12-17: iGrow Radio looks to protection of cattle prices. [2017-05-12.mp3]

Accidental needles pokes at vaccinations fairly common

05-15-17: iGrow Radio spotlights accidental needle pokes at vaccination time. [2017-05-15.mp3]

Farmers urged to study and try new technologies

05-11-17: iGrow Radio spotlights soil tests and fertilizer recommendations. [2017-05-11.mp3]

Master gardener training available in 3 SD locations

05-10-17: iGrow Radio spotlights the South Dakota Master Gardener Program. [2017-05-10.mp3]

Warm dry weather continue into next week

05-09-17: iGrow Radio talks Ag weather. [2017-05-09.mp3]

Tips for safety and public relations with manure handling

05-08-17: iGrow Radio spotlights manure. [2017-05-08.mp3]

Still time to test soils for soybean cyst nematode

05-05-17: iGrow Radio spotlights soil testing for soybean cyst nematode. [2017-05-05.mp3]

Provide high mag mineral to prevent grass tetany

05-04-17: iGrow Radio spotlights grass tetany. [2017-05-04.mp3]

Nutrition changes after A.I. impacts conception

05-03-17: iGrow Radio spotlights nutritional changes after A.I. in the cow herd. [2017-05-03.mp3]

Freezing temperatures do little damage to SD small grains

05-02-17: iGrow Radio talks cold temperatures and planting. [2017-05-02.mp3]

Wait for soils to be ready before planting corn

05-01-17: iGrow Radio spotlights spring planting and soil temperatures. [2017-05-01.mp3]

Transitioning resources available from SDSU Extension

04-28-17: iGrow Radio spotlights transitioning generations in Agriculture. [2017-04-28.mp3]