Trigger Dates are Critical to Effective Drought Planning for Ranchers

    The Drought Mitigation Center http://drought.unl.edu/ranchplan/Overview.aspx is collaborating with several other agencies and organizations to offer monthly training webinars focused on drought responses for Great Plains ranchers. The first presentation introduced the topic of developing a drought plan. Establishing critical dates to direct implementation of contingencies was introduced and generated a number of questions.

    The February 27th webinar will deal with critical dates in more detail. Dwayne Rice, Rangeland Management Specialist for NRCS in Lincoln, KS has worked with Ted Alexander, a Barber County rancher, to develop procedures to identify and describe critical dates and suggest how appropriate action steps are planned. Dwayne will explain how relationships between historical records and forage growth are used to delineate critical dates. Ted Alexander will discuss his experience in implementing his drought plan through several previous drought cycles.



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