Timely Response to Developing Drought Has Financial Consequences for Ranchers

    The Drought Mitigation Center http://drought.unl.edu/ranchplan/Overview.aspx is collaborating with several other agencies and organizations to offer monthly training webinars focused on drought responses for Great Plains ranchers. The first presentation introduced the topic of developing a drought plan. Establishing critical dates to direct implementation of contingencies was introduced and generated a number of questions.

    During the March 27th webinar, Pat Reece, former University of Nebraska-Lincoln Range Management Specialist, will discuss the Cumulative Forage Reduction Index. Dr. Reece, currently owner of and senior consultant at Prairie & Montane Enterprises, has developed the CFR Index in response to needs of ranchers he has worked with to develop drought response plans. Pat points out that when animal numbers need to be reduced because of drought, delayed marketing can have substantial financial consequences, often costing typical ranches tens of thousands of dollars.

    Gates-Pat Reece


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