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2013 Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch

Drought is a normal part of climate...it will happen again. Fortunately, there are things you can do before, during, and after drought to reduce your risk. Ranchers are increasingly implementing new ways to better prepare for and respond to drought.

Avoiding Analysis Paralysis: Monitoring and Setting Critical Dates for Decision Making During Drought - Dwayne Rice, Rangeland Management Specialist for NRCS in Lincoln, NE.


Managing Drought Risk on the Ranch: The Planning Process - Jerry Volesky, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Range and Forage Specialist


The New Cumulative Forage Reduction (CFR) Index - Pat Reece, former University of Nebraska-Lincoln Range Management Specialist


Using a Drought Calculator to Assist Stocking Decisions - Stan Boltz, South Dakota Natural Resources Conservation Service Rangeland Management Specialist


Economic Factors to Weigh in Making Decisions during Drought - Matt Stockton, Agricultural Economist at the University of Nebraska, West Central Research and Extension Center, North Platte, NE.


From the 2012 Drought to the relief of 2013, impending drought an important factor - Charlie Orchard, owner Land EKG, providing among other services training in range land Monitoring for Ranchers and other land managers.